Air Connection Sets the Benchmark for Quiet Technology. Contact us to Learn More About our Rotary Screw Air Compressors in Adelaide.

It’s a small space – tight corners and precious inches wedged between the company’s main corridors. It stands at the intersection of production and distribution, and its insides rattle with the loud echo of a compressor. The gauges hiss; the pipe fittings rattle; and every burst of air causes passers-by to wince. This machine is a necessity but it’s also a frustration.

Air Connection seeks to alleviate that frustration. This is why we connect our clients to signature quiet technology, with rotary screw air compressors in Adelaide delivering peerless results (without the expected noise).

Rotary screw air compressors in Adelaide promote silence – with their designs tailored to reduce vibrations and lessen noise levels, creating a more comfortable experience for operators. This form of quiet technology delivers specialised elements (such as graphite casting and sound pressure valves) to ensure convenience.

That convenience doesn’t demand a sacrifice of quality, though. Instead, rotary screw air compressors in Adelaide promise continuous performance, blending 24-hour pulsations and energy efficiency. This allows them to maintain optimum circulation levels for extended periods of time, and that is essential for demanding industrial environments.

Enhanced operations no longer require enhanced noise. Rotary screw compressors instead offer relief. To learn more about these options – including our products from BOGE and Chicago Pneumatic – contact Air Connection today by email ( or by phone (08-8340-0386). We’ll gladly answer any questions or concerns.

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