The Benefits of Using Puma Air Compressors in Adelaide

If you work in an industry that requires the use of air compressors, you may want to consider the benefits of Puma air compressors. Air Connection carries a range of Puma compressors in 240 volts, 415 volts, and Diesel and Petrol models for multiple applications. Working in the industry since 1998, we have grown into South Australia’s one-stop shop for all compressed air systems. We have expanded from providing installation of such systems to sales and service of some of the leading brands in the world. Air Connection provides compressors, air treatment equipment, and air pipe, fittings, and accessories. For those considering new air compressors, here’s why you should take a good look at what Puma has to offer.

Technology and Innovation

Puma has been in the business of manufacturing air compressors since 1969. They are well known for their state of the art machines that have been designed using the latest in technology. Puma is a leader in innovation and it is the technological advances that the company has made that separate their products from the average competitor. The company manufactures high quality products at the best possible price making their air compressors a tremendous value to customers. Air Connection has sold numerous Puma air compressors in Adelaide and throughout South Australia.

Puma’s Wide Range of Product Choices

Puma offers a variety of models to suit all air compressor needs. The company provides a line of 240-volt air compressors that are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or those in farm and trade applications. Puma’s cast iron compressor pump allows for easy free air delivery and the company’s line of 240-volt compressors, as well as other lines, are built to last.

The 415 volt models produced by Puma are great in industrial applications, factories, and workshops. The super-efficient MEPS-compliant motor saves money as less electric power is needed to operate the compressor. Puma’s 415 volt compressors, while quiet when operating, are heavy duty enough for continual use in any application. There is also the Silent 415 volt range designed for industrial use. These models are a low-noise solution for those situations where there is intermittent or fluctuating demand for compressed air.

A Well-Known High Quality Brand

When you purchase Puma air compressors in Adelaide from Air Connection, you are buying excellent quality from a company that has a presence in over 132 countries around the world. The company has a solid reputation for producing machines that can operate at a high level in different conditions for a variety of industries. Air Connection prides itself on giving its customers the best in quality which is why it offers Puma air compressors.

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