Air Treatment


  • Compressed air needs some form of treatment to achieve the desired air quality.
  • A Refrigeration Air Dryer is the most cost-effective way to achieve DRY air.
  • A quality compressed air system requires Filtration to create the different air quality levels required by different applications.
  • In most installations the Receiver is where most condensate is found. Air Connection highly recommends the use of a reliable automatic Condensate Drain to regularly remove water & condensate.
  • For all industrial users of compressed air, the responsible disposal of oil contaminated condensate is now closely controlled by legislation, with heavy penalties for non-compliance. Oil/Water Separators are self-
  • contained units designed to be installed as part of the compressed air system and effectively reduce the oil concentration to permitted levels.

Air Dryers

Air Filtration

Condensate Drains

Oil/Water Separators

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