Scroll Air Compressors

As an alternative to piston compressors the Ganey lubricated “Scroll” technology offers:

  • Maximum Energy Efficiency
  • Low Noise
  • High Quality Air
  • Compact Footprint
  • Low Maintenance Costs

With the added benefit of continuous load capability (100% cycle) and integral aftercooler to reduce moisture carry over, you get a reliable compressed air supply with lower energy bills.

Choose a Scroll Air Compressor Designed to Serve Your Operation Well

Unlike piston-driven pumps and similar devices, a scroll air compressor uses a different kind of mechanical action to pressurise air and provide this much-needed resource for your industrial or commercial operations. Inside the unit, there is one fixed piece and one moving piece that “scrolls” within the other in a continuous looping motion, creating the compressed air that then feeds into everything from airbrushes to industrial equipment. At Air Connection, we provide an easy way to tap into this extremely useful type of hardware.

Why Should You Purchase Compressors from Air Connection?

  • We have a robust selection of compressors of all types from leading manufacturers, so selecting the appropriate hardware for your undertaking is easier. From BOGE and GANEY and beyond, we’re in touch with the industry’s cutting edge.
  • We provide a complete installation service, enabling your operation to minimise downtime and to begin taking advantage of powerful new tools without delay. Know that your hardware is set up appropriately.
  • We make available skilled maintenance services for not only the compressors themselves, but also the equipment that it powers. This holistic approach enables better maintenance outcomes, which in turn reduces long-term costs while driving up reliability.

When Buying a Scroll Compressor, Consider This

If you’ve never explored purchasing a scroll compressor before, or if you aren’t sure what your next steps should be, it’s important to step back and make certain you’re about to make the right decision. Here’s what you need to consider before you purchase a Ganey or BOGE scroll compressor.

  • Both BOGE and GANEY Scroll compressors are ideal for applications where quiet operation and/or oil-free air are of the utmost importance. Even the medical sector can rely upon a scroll compressor in certain scenarios. Don’t opt for a noisier unit when a scroll compressor could be what you need.
  • Know the capacity you will require. Scroll compressors are advantageous in that they can handle a 100% load cycle continuously, but you will still need to match the capacity correctly to your equipment and attachments.
  • Consider power consumption, one of the most important attributes of this hardware. Inquire about what kind of effect it may have on your energy bills to develop a better sense of the answer to this question. However, Ganey compressors feature a design intended to maximise efficiency in most situations.
  • We sell both GANEY oil-filled and BOGE oil-free scroll compressors

Armed with this information, you should feel confident in your ability to proceed to the next stage of the purchasing process. Of course, when in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask — the Air Connection team is always here to help you make sense of the many options on the market.

What You Can Expect from Air Connection When Buying a Ganey Air Compressor

With decades of experience in providing unparalleled support and service for those businesses looking to acquire a reliable air compressor, Air Connection represents the ideal solution for a range of industries. Always happy to help point you in the right direction, we’ll take care to ensure that you can make this investment with the necessary confidence. To find out more about the benefits of a scroll compressor for your business, contact us now. 

Ganey Scroll Air Compressor

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