The Pros and Cons of Using Oil Free Air Compressors in Adelaide

In most cases, air compressors need to be lubricated with oil to continue running in an efficient fashion. This oil lubricates the pistons that draw in and compress the air in the first place. Clearly, oil is a very important part of the process for most air compressors.

However, there are oil free air compressors on the market, capable of drawing in, compressing and storing air without any added lubrication. The components of these compressors are usually coated with Teflon, which essentially plays the same role as the oil. The Teflon naturally and permanently lubricates the air compressor piston and pump, entirely removing the need for lubrication from the process.

The lack of lubrication is the biggest advantage of oil free air compressors. Lubrication is a big part of the maintenance process on most air compressors, which adds time and cost to managing the compressor. When a compressor is permanently lubricated, there is little to no maintenance required.

Oil Free Air Compressors: Ideal for Intermittent Usage

At Air Connection, most of the air compressors we sell are oil compressors. We usually serve industrial or commercial clients, and their air compressor needs are fairly demanding. These buyers need to be able to use their compressors all day, for a variety of different projects and to power a wide range of different tools. Oil compressors are better for these long work hours. While oil compressors require lubrication and other maintenance, that maintenance helps them last longer. In an oil free compressor, the Teflon coating will eventually wear out, making the compressor less efficient and less useful in general.

However, while oil free compressors tend not to last as long as oil compressors, in terms of sheer work hours, that’s only because they aren’t intended to do so. Oil compressors are essential for industrial and some commercial tasks; oil free air compressors, meanwhile, are better for more modest uses.

For instance, at Air Connection, when we sell oil free air compressors in Adelaide, our clients might be from the medical, dental or food manufacturing industries. These industries require compressors that are quieter, smaller, lighter weight, more affordable and that require minimal maintenance. Usually, companies in these industries also don’t have a need for constant air compressor use, which means that they can opt easily for oil free compressors. If you are shopping for a home use air compressor, you would likely opt for an oil free model for the same reason.

Find Oil Free Compressors in Adelaide

If you have a smaller scale operation, but still believe that an air compressor is a necessary piece of equipment, call Air Connection today on (08) 8340 0386. We can tell you more about oil free air compressors and what differentiates them from their oiled counterparts—not just in terms of pros and cons, but also for power output and recommended uses. From there, you can decide if an oil free compressor is right for you. If you are interested in making a purchase, we carry a range of oil free air compressors in Adelaide.

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