Factors to Consider When Choosing MARK Air Compressors for Your Adelaide Operation

Air compressors are necessary in a variety of industries including those that use pneumatic tools. Compressors are also used to drive a number of devices and businesses depend on their performance to be successful. Air Connection provides operations in South Australia with sales, installation, service, and maintenance of compressed air systems. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are able to provide a holistic approach to our customers’ requirements offering them a uniquely personal experience. We can provide the advice customers need to choose the best air compressors for their applications. Customers can choose from MARK air compressors as well as models from Puma, BOGE, Airmac, and more. Air Connection helps guide customers to the right machine by considering the following.

Types of Drive System

Compressors are driven by electric power or a petrol-powered engine. Consideration must be given for which type is more appropriate. If there is access to electric power, it may make sense to use it to power air compressors. Where there is no electric power, petrol or diesel fuel is the more appropriate choice.

What Is The Maximum Cubic Feet Per Minute?

The amount of air that a compressor can deliver efficiently at a certain pressure is the maximum cubic feet per minute or CFM. Some of the most efficient machines in the industry are the same MARK air compressors Adelaide businesses are using. Air Connection provides Adelaide and other South Australian operations a range of choices. We can assist in choosing the machine or machines that offer your operation the maximum efficiency.

The Noise Element

The typical air compressor has been known to produce a lot of noise. This can lead to some interesting working conditions in different industries. Some businesses such as hospitals and schools need to have quieter machines. Those concerned with noise often choose MARK compressors for their Adelaide business. MARK compressors are designed with rotary screw technology. Rotary screw air compressors provide the most energy efficient production of compressed air. They are designed to deliver pulsation free air 24 hours a day and are well-known for their quiet operation. Air Connection offers a diverse range of rotary screw compressors including those manufactured by MARK.

Tank Size

Air Connection can help customers consider a variety of factors including the tank size. Receiver tanks come in different sizes and suit different applications. A small shop that only uses air nailers does not require a large receiver tank. It would only use short quick bursts of air. Other operations that use items like sanders that would be used for longer periods of time are going to require larger tanks that can sustain the longer usage of air.

Call Air Connection for Mark Air Compressors

Air Connection is committed to providing the highest quality air compressors, air treatment equipment, and air pipe fittings and accessories to South Australia. Our quality machines are delivered with friendly, personal service. We provide customers with the advice they need to make the best choices. For assistance with your air compressor needs, call us on 08 8340 0386 or send us an email to sales@airconnection.com.au.

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