The Benefits of Portable FS Curtis Air Compressors (And Where to Shop for Them in Adelaide)

The market is populated with a whole slew of wonderful air compressor brands, all offering products with distinctive strengths, features, design categories and power levels. At Air Connection in Adelaide, we stock many of these brands, from BOGE to Chicago Pneumatic. However, while some of our compressors are certainly compact (the BOGE range is known for its compact designs), many of them are not portable. On the contrary, a majority of air compressors are meant for factory or plant floors, where they can be installed in one central spot and used to power other equipment that needs to be used down on the floor.

The Advantages of the FS Curtis Range

FS Curtis air compressors are ideal if you or your business needs a portable air compressor option. Unlike many of the other compressor products that we carry at Air Connection, FS Curtis compressors are designed to be mobile. These high-quality portable diesel compressors are available in truck mounted or towable models, making them easy to cart from point A to point B.

What is the advantage of investing in a portable FS Curtis air compressor in Adelaide? If your business does most of its production on a factory floor, then you probably don’t have a need for a portable compressor model. However, plenty of other businesses outside of the manufacturing sphere do require portable power supplies for air-powered equipment and tools. From homebuilders to farmers to teams at industrial worksites, there is a very real chance that a portable air compressor is the only option for your business.

Of course, mobile work teams have very different requirements for power outputs. The FS Curtis compressor range is designed with these different needs in mind. The lowest-end portable compressors provide continuous duty outputs of 55cfm and working pressures of 100psi. The highest-end portable compressors from FS Curtis can reach 1,330cfm in continuous duty output and 350psi in working pressure. FS Curtis has a range of 34 different compressor models spanning from one extreme to the other—ensuring that virtually any project team will be able to find a compressor that suits their needs.

Regardless of which model you choose (and whether you opt for the trailer mounted configuration or the towable configuration), all FS Curtis air compressors are diesel powered. In general, diesel powered compressors are thought of as offering the highest power outputs. Suffice to say that, even if you need a portable air compressor for a relatively large project (or set of tasks), there is an FS Curtis compressor that will be able to handle the workload.

Shop for FS Curtis Air Compressors in Adelaide

At Air Connection, we are your source for FS Curtis compressors in Adelaide. If you get in touch with us, we can speak with you more about the convenience of portable models, the versatility of the FS Curtis range and the ideal product for you. Call us on (08) 8340 0386 to speak with one of our sale associates.

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