Air Connection Connects Each Client to Custom Power. Contact us Today to Learn More About Diesel Air Compressors in Adelaide.

Since 1998 Air Connection has served as the leading provider of industrial compressors and accessories. Through comprehensive services – which include installations, preventative maintenance, and system rebuilds – we ensure that our clients achieve peerless results. We emphasise quality parts and exceptional service.

We also recognise the need for bespoke systems. This is why we offer custom diesel air compressors in Adelaide, allowing each company to define their needs and their expectations.

Diesel air compressors in Adelaide promise undeniable value, generating consistent energy (even when no on-site power is available). They’re portable, effective, and tailored for convenience. They’re also engineered for every client, with our team offering access to custom Airmac solutions. These options include:

  • Roll-Frames.
  • Pallet Foot Mounts.
  • Twin 7C Tanks.
  • Skid Mounts.
  • 12-Volt Electric Start Engines.
  • 12-Volt Electric Battery Kits (including battery clamp, battery cables, and mounting bracket).

Our clients can now select the features that best reflect their needs, piecing together diesel air compressors in Adelaide for even the most challenging locales (such as mining operations or oil facilities). This promotes greater efficiency and durability.

Air Connections is a proud supplier of Airmac diesel compressors. To learn more about these options – or to request further information about available customisations – contact our team today by email ( or by phone (08-8340-0386). We’ll promptly respond to any questions, schedule on-site assessments, or provide specs for all roll-frame and skid mount additions.

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