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If your facility routinely works with compressed air, it’s imperative that your system has all the parts it needs to function safely. Compressed air is a highly useful tool in many commercial and industrial capacities, but it should be respected and dealt with appropriately to ensure safe and reliable use. One crucial piece of technology that no compressed air system should be without is an air receiver. Using an air receiver keeps your Adelaide facility safe by acting as a repository for your compressed air during periods of high demand, and provides numerous additional benefits such as reducing pulsation and removing water from the system.

When you want to find an air receiver for sale in Adelaide, you may want to look for a company whose experience with compressed air systems goes back a few years. A track record of providing products to other successful businesses indicates quality and reliable product knowledge, both of which are crucial factors when you’re searching for such an essential piece of technology. Using an established retailer is also important because of the many regulations that govern the specifics of air receivers in Australia. If you want to comply with the proper quality and safety standards, an experienced company is the way to go.

One such company offering compressed air system products for sale in the Adelaide area is Air Connection. We’ve been working since 1998 to help business owners of all kinds find the compressors, receivers and pipes that they need to ensure safe and successful production in their facilities. This has made us one of the most informed companies operating in the region and ensures that we’re able to recommend various products with confidence, as well as to provide dependable after sales support and technical service.

Buy Your Next Air Receiver from Air Connection and Find a Product You Can Trust

The demands placed on an air receiver are considerable, and every receiver for sale must be able to handle them. For example, receivers are legally required to have a pressure gauge and a pressure relief valve, which should be set at 10% more than the working pressure of the rest of the system. With such specific criteria in place for a receiver that meets safety and quality standards, purchasing yours from a professional makes a big difference. You’ll be able to rely on Air Connection to help you buy a high-quality unit that meets all the relevant guidelines.

Excellent Customer Service and After Sales Support

Whenever you have a question about a product you’ve purchased from Air Connection or need maintenance on your system, we’ll be happy to help. Our team has been working for nearly two decades on air compression systems, so we’re as adept at fixing them as we are at selling them. This makes shopping with us an effortless way to ensure the longevity of your products. Contact us today for more information, or to buy a receiver fit for your system.

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