BOGE Air Compressors: Your Answer for a Quieter and More Energy Efficient Compressor in Adelaide

When volume and energy efficiency are at the top of your list of concerns for an air compressor, have no fear: at Air Connection, we have just the brand to suit your needs. BOGE air compressors boast German-made quality and are backed with 100 years of engineering know-how. They also fall into the ‘rotary screw compressor’ category—the type of air compressor most known for quiet performance and sterling energy efficiency. Noise is always worth considering when purchasing compressors, and BOGE air compressors are one of the brands that are constantly setting or pushing the benchmark for ‘quiet’ compressors.

BOGE Air Compressors: What They Have to Offer

Reduced noise and energy efficiency are certainly the two main draws of BOGE compressors, but they are not the only factors that set this brand apart from the competition. Depending on the compressor you choose from BOGE, here are a few of the clear advantages you can expect:

Energy Efficiency: We’ve talked a bit about energy efficiency already, but it bears repeating—simply because it is such a big draw behind BOGE compressors and rotary screw compressors in general. Most BOGE models lead the industry in power ratios. Said another way, they provide high-volume production of compressed air while still exhibiting low energy consumption.

Quiet Operation: Another factor that deserves a more detailed explanation, since no one likes a loud factory floor. The graphite designs of BOGE air compressors are great at absorbing most of the noise that the compressors emit while producing compressed air. This simple solution gives BOGE compressors some of the lowest sound pressure levels on the market.

Modular Design: At Air Connection, many of our customers who are looking for BOGE compressors in Adelaide are doing so because they’ve heard about the brand’s clever modular design. The different modules of BOGE compressors make it possible for you to configure each compressor to meet your specific needs. The modules include the actual screw compressor, the air tank, a refrigerant dryer, a frequency control and an optional heat recovery system.

Compact Size: Despite their modular, customisable design, BOGE air compressors are also known for their small compact sizes. The compact construction not only means that you don’t need to use as much space to house your compressor but also cuts down on some of the pipework that often causes flow problems in air compressors.

Shopping for BOGE Air Compressors in Adelaide

If you are looking for BOGE air compressors in the Adelaide area, look no further than Air Connection. Since 1998, we have been a one-stop shop service for compressed air systems in South Australia. Whether you need a brand new compressor or maintenance services for a compressor you’ve been using for five or 10 years, we can help.

If quiet operation, energy efficiency and the other benefits listed above are of interest, then Air Connection can point you in the direction of the right BOGE compressor to suit your business needs. Even if a BOGE compressor isn’t the right fit, we stock a diverse enough range of similar rotary screw compressors to find the perfect fit. Call us on (08) 8340 0386 to get started.

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