How scheduling air compressor service in Adelaide can save your business time and money

Air compressors are often the unappreciated and unsung heroes on the factory floor. Many facilities could not operate without them, yet many equipment managers don’t give them a second thought or think about scheduling air compressor service until something goes wrong. Like a car, air compressors require routine maintenance if you want them to continue working optimally. At the least, a failing and inefficient air compressor can equal a slow drip of money heading out the door as electric bills rise. At the worst, noisy and improperly functioning air compressors can result in uncomfortable and unsafe work environments, posing a liability for business owners and limiting the amount of time production workers can comfortably work on the factory floor.

Why air compressor service is important

Upgrading or maintaining air compressors is frequently recommended by energy auditors as a cost-effective way of improving overall energy efficiency in businesses that use them. For many businesses, air compressors are one of the largest energy consumers on the factory floor, and therefore even minor inefficiencies can quickly lead to noticeably higher energy bills. Routine air compressor service easily corrects many inefficiencies, such as leaky intake lines, poorly fitting parts, and clogged filters. Not only does regular air compressor service save businesses money immediately by reducing overall energy costs, but air compressor service can also help extend the overall life of equipment and avoid unnecessary downtime that comes from unexpected breakdowns.

Regular air compressor service also helps avoid unnecessary workplace hazards, providing immeasurable value to business owners responsible for the health and safety of their workers. While air compressors are notorious for producing noise, loose parts, constricted hoses, and a lack of regular oiling can make the problem worse. Consistent air compressor service can prevent these issues, improving overall worker satisfaction and productivity.

Regular air compressor service is also useful for identifying and avoiding more serious hazards, such as injuries from loose or improperly connected parts suddenly disconnecting and striking workers and poor workplace air quality that results from a dirty air supply cycling through the machine. Paying attention to and avoiding these risks is an important aspect of protecting workers.

Adelaide air compressor service is just a call away

For those in the market for industrial air compressor service in Adelaide, Air Connection has twenty years of experience in the industry and a reputation for providing quality service. We have extensive experience working on a broad range of brands and products, including top of the line equipment such as BOGE and MARK. We can help keep equipment up and running, and service all makes and models or air compressors, as well as associated equipment. We also rebuild many models when necessary and even provide backup air compressors when extended service is needed.

Seeking out air compressor service when it is needed is a fundamental component in keeping a factory working at optimal efficiency. If it’s been awhile since you last serviced your air compressors, give Air Connection a call today!

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