Take Care of Your Compressors – Call Air Connection for 3 Phase Air Compressor Maintenance in Adelaide

Businesses throughout the Adelaide area are using a 3 phase air compressor as part of their operations. The compressed air system is a crucial part of everyday business, yet the air compressor itself is rarely maintained properly. The last thing a business owner wants is for an air compressor to fail. With machinery out of action, productivity falls. Proper maintenance of air compressors, as well as all of its associated equipment, is necessary for a compressed air system to operate at its maximum level of efficiency. Air Connection, South Australia’s premier supplier of high quality compressed air systems, also provides complete maintenance service for all makes and models of compressors. We also provide service for compressed air equipment and distribution pipe work.

More than Just an Inspection

Air compressors are a very valuable part of many commercial and industrial enterprises. Inspecting them every so often is great but will not reveal any potential problems. A machine may appear to be operating efficiently, but a visual inspection will not reveal that the air tank is full of debris or that the safety shut-off system is faulty. Air connection provides timely service that is preventative by nature to ensure that there are no faults with a compressed air system.

Maintaining Air Compressors in Adelaide

Complete maintenance service from Air Connection includes replacement of oil and filters, tightening of fasteners, and inspection of hoses to name a few. Oil should be changed periodically usually after every 500 to 1,000 hours of use. In oil lubricated compressors, oil and water pass through the oil separator before air is used. The oil separator is another part that needs to be changed periodically to ensure peak efficiency. Hoses can be checked regularly by those operating the compressors. Air Connection can replace hoses when there are any signs of wear and creasing. Worn hoses can leak and leaks force more strain on a machine. Compressors lose their effectiveness when they have leaky hoses. All of these components of an air compressor are serviced as part of your complete maintenance package at Air Connection.

In addition to periodic maintenance, Air Connection can also provide rebuilds of existing compressed air systems. If necessary and possible, Air Connection can make repairs to and rebuild an air compressor and its associated equipment. While completing a rebuild, we can also make arrangements for backup air.

Find the Best Brands at Air Connection

Air Connection began in 1998 providing installations of 3 phase compressors in Adelaide and the rest of South Australia. We have grown to install all varieties of compressed air systems as well as provide sales and service for some of the world’s most renowned brands. Customers can choose from Airmac, BOGE, MARK, and Puma to name a few. We are committed to delivering the highest quality compressed air systems, air treatment equipment, and air pipe fittings in the industry. In addition to outstanding products, we strive to continue our friendly personal service in an effort to exceed our customers’ expectations.

For more information about Air Connection products and services, call us on 08 8340 0386 or send us an enquiry via email at sales@airconnection.com.au.

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