Air Connection Provides Installation of 240 Volt Air Compressors in Adelaide

Air Connection has been a leader in the air compressor industry since 1998, providing a wide range of choices for those applications in Adelaide and South Australia that require compressed air. Our strong reputation in the industry has allowed us to move from installations to the sales, service, and maintenance of air compressors from the world’s top manufacturers. We offer a broad range of products including 240-volt air compressors for Adelaide homeowners who need a powerful, durable machine in their home shop or garage. We also provide products such as air treatment equipment and air pipe and fittings. Our commitment to quality combined with our outstanding personalised service has allowed us to enjoy tremendous success. When searching for your next 240v air compressor, Air Connection can provide exactly what you need.

Puma 240 Volt Compressors in Adelaide Perfect for the Home

Air Connection offers a range of Puma air compressors. The manufacturer is one of the most respected in Australia and its products remain some of the most popular in the country as they have been for that past 30 years. The 240-volt models have been updated and still contain the cast iron compressor pump that makes these machines perform so well and makes them so durable. Since these units are portable, they are perfect for the homeowner who may have the need for compressed air every so often. There may be a need to pump up tyres, a football, or maybe even use an air tool. Puma compressors supplied by Air Connection come complete with everything the typical homeowner needs to plug in and begin use.

Air Connection Also Offers Airmac 240v Air Compressors in Adelaide

Airmac is another well-known and respected manufacturer of 240-volt air compressors. There are thousands upon thousands of Airmac units in use around Australia, which is enough to show that they are among the best products on the market. The Airmac T20 is a single-phase 240-volt piston air compressor that happens to be the company’s best-seller. The portable T20 comes with a 100-litre air tank and the T20H adds a long handle that makes it perfect for contractors who have a need for portable compressed air. Like models by Puma, Airmac 240v compressors are priced just right for those homeowners who want to have the capability to have compressed air on hand at all times.

Why Choose Air Connection

With nearly two decades of experience in the compressed air industry, we understand the market take the time to learn our customers’ needs. Compressors, especially those for home use, should be bought based on their performance and reliability not just on price. A customer who buys a compressor solely based upon price will end up paying more in the end. Air Connection will not let that happen. We are committed to quality and a more holistic approach to our customers’ requirements. With an outstanding selection of the world’s best air compressors, we continue to grow our impeccable reputation.

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