Kaishan Air Compressors in Adelaide

We sell a diverse range of compressor types including Rotary Screw, Scroll, Portable Diesel, High-Speed Turbo, Oil-Free, Nitrogen Generators as well as Electric & Petrol Reciprocating units, in sizes ranging from 355kW right down to 1.5kW

Customers can feel confident in the expertise & knowledge we offer from 30+ years’ experience in the compressed air industry, to provide the right equipment for your requirements.

By using an all-inclusive approach, we can provide whatever is required for your compressed air project from the compressor to your machinery and everything in between.

Compressed Air Treatment Compressed Air Treatment
Installations Installations
Air Pipe and Fittings Air Pipe and Fittings
Compressor Servicing Compressor Servicing
SMAC/VMAC Truck-Mounted Compressors SMAC/VMAC Truck-Mounted Compressors
Spare Parts & Accessories Spare Parts & Accessories

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